About Us

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The Tricks is an online financial magazine designed to help you get the best deals on anything from loans to car insurance. We are dedicated to making sure you know about the insider tips that are going to give you an advantage over insurance providers, package holiday dealers, and car salespeople.

This is real practical advice designed to assist you with a life of frugal living and smart buying.

Who We Are

Kyle Dunn is the mastermind behind this website. He is a finance expert with years of experience in aiding people in reducing their outgoings and making every penny count. He has written for publications, both online and in print, and is renowned for his knowledge of the financial industry.
To help him in crafting updated content, he regularly liaises with independent experts. The Tricks is determined to benefit from the secrets of the industries that you interact with most on a daily basis, and Kyle has assembled a crack team to do just that.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that many of expenses the ordinary person in the street contends with on a daily basis come from industries that are determined to squeeze you for every penny. And many people accept this as the way of the world. But the Tricks is different. We believe in putting the power in the hands of the consumer.

Using our insider knowledge, we want to give you the tricks to get the best finance deals. Our view is that this is about making the world a fairer place and ensuring that you can save money and get a great product and service.

These are the tricks to get the best finance deals, and we are constantly updating our database of guides for you.

How will you save money on your next purchase today?