How to Get the Best Deal on Your Summer Holiday

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On the contrary, there are a number of hacks you can take advantage of in order to get the best deal on your summer holiday. This is how to do it.

Package Holidays

In the UK, package holidays are by far the most popular way to book. They allow you to take the stress out of booking a vacation by yourself. The problem is that many package holidays are known for adding unwanted extras, and this is where people tend to lose out.
The way to book a package holiday is to shop around to avoid these unwanted extras. There are often differences for the same package holiday between two different brands owned by the same company. For example, Thompson and First Choice are owned by the same company (TUI Travel), yet there are different prices for the same package holiday on each website.

It pays to shop around, and it pays to see if you can get rid of many of the added extras that are often added without your consent.

Sometimes it’s Cheaper to Do it Yourself

Package holiday providers would have you believe that it is never cheaper to do it by yourself. They claim that their collective buying power drives prices down. The only way to find out whether this is the truth is to do your research. Attempt to book the same holiday in individual parts. Sometimes it is cheaper, and sometimes it is not.
The only difference is without a package holiday you have no protection should the airline or hotel go bust. Granted, this is highly unlikely to happen, but it is worth bearing in mind.

The Way You Pay

Your method of payment can add a significant amount of money onto the overall cost of your holiday. We are going to use an example to help illustrate this point.

You are booking a two-week holiday to Egypt for you and your family. The amount costs £3,000 for your holiday, and you are now expected to pay for it.

Walk into any physical shop and hand the amount over in cash and it will cost you £3,000.  Pay by Visa debit card online and it will cost you £3,000. Pay with your credit card and it could cost anywhere from £3,060 to £3,150. That is because a credit card is the only payment method that comes with additional charges.
Do your very best to avoid paying for anything via credit card.

The Insurance Trap

When you take out travel insurance, you should inspect the terms carefully. You can have two insurers charging the same price, yet one insurer will have more favourable terms. For example, one insurer may cover the cancellation of a holiday as a result of a cancelled flight.
This can cost you in the long-term if you do not have the cover you need. When trying to get the best deal on your summer holiday, you should never compromise your protections. Things can and do happen.

When is the Best Time to Book?

There are two ideal times to book a summer holiday. January is the perfect time to book because it is far enough in advance to get a good deal while leaving you with as much flexibility as possible to choose your destination. As time goes on, the price will only rise because the competition is increasing.

The start of January will always give you the best prices. If you have already missed out on January, you should not settle and book during another month.
The best alternative to January is to wait until the last minute. Booking a summer holiday with a travel operator is a game of brinksmanship. The worst outcome for package holiday providers is to have package holidays that have gone unsold. They lose a lot of money, and so at the last minute they are going to slash the prices by massive amounts, even if it means selling them at a slight loss.
This is where flexibility is your friend. Set your holiday times during summer well in advance and aim to purchase your package holiday just a week or so in advance. In some cases, you may even decide to book the holiday just days before you leave.

Booking at the last minute can give you a better deal than booking far in advance because you are playing on the fears of the tour operations.

Just bear in mind that you will also have to be flexible with the destination as well!

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  • 19/06/2016 at 7:55 am

    Hi Kyle. Your right about late booking, we prefer to book late as we like to take our breaks whenever we feel the urge to go. Booking like this means we start looking 1-2 weeks before we want to leave and the savings we have made compared to holiday makers we have spoken to when there are significant.

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