Privacy Policy

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Information is regularly collected from the users of the Tricks website. This privacy policy will detail exactly how this information is collected and how it is used for your benefit. By continuing to use this website you are accepting the terms of this privacy policy. Should you wish not to accept the terms of this privacy policy, you are forbidden from using this website.

Personal Information Collected

All information collected from customers is done in a number of circumstances, such as when direct contact is made, when a web page is visited, and when certain personal information is submitted to us in order to improve the financial guidance presented on this website.

The information collected from customers includes but is not limited to names, telephone numbers, addresses, IP addresses, and email addresses.

If additional information is requested, it is freely voluntary, and customers are welcome to decline to supply such information while continuing to use this website.


Information may be stored about you when you access this website. The trackers used to track specific pieces of information are known as cookies. They track certain aspects of your web usage, such as the country you are from or the website you came to us from. They are unable to track your general Internet movements, nor will they send information to us after you leave this website.

Cookies are not used to store personal passwords. We use them in order to improve our services. We gather specific demographical information about the people using our website. This information is used to better target our financial guidance.

Through continuing to use this website, it is generally accepted that you agree to the presence of cookies.

Other Data

The Tricks may decide to record pieces of data when they are gathered automatically by our servers. Such pieces of information could include but are not limited to your website, your IP address, and the URL you visit immediately before coming to our website and after you leave our website.

The data we collect is unable to identify the individual personally and is not used in any way that could identify an individual.